Chord tables

Here I provide chord tables with the most important chords for the three most common ukulele tunings.

  • GCEA tuning (1st string: A, 2nd string: E, 3rd string: C, 4th string: G) is the most widely used ukulele tuning, as far as I know. It is also lends itself well to learning notation, and basic chords are quite easy. It can be used for soprano, concert and tenor ukuleles without any problems.
    chord table_GCEA
  • ADF#B tuning (1st string: B, 2nd string: F#, 3rd string: D, 4th string: A) is common in Kanada for example.  It was regarded as the standard ukulele tuning in Germany in the past. However, nowadays also in Germany the GCEA tuning is usually preferred. However, ADF#B tuning is well suited to bring out the best sound of some soprano ukuleles. It also can be advantageous for singing, for example with children. The ADF#B tuning is best suited for soprano ukuleles, however there are players like James Hill: He even uses tenor ukuleles with ADF#B tuing.
    chord table_ADF#B
  • DGBE tuning (1st string: E, 2nd string: B, 3rd string: G, 4th string: D)  is commonly used with bariton ukuleles, often with low D string. Tenor ukuleles can also be used with this tuning.
    chord table_DGBE