Tabs and E-Books

Need something to play for your ukulele? We can help you!

Ukelige Weihnachtslieder (free)

11 super easy German Christmas carols with ukulele accompaniment and simplified chords for everyone who never played a stringed instrument in his life before!

Erste Übungsstücke für Solo Ukulele (free)

35 easy pieces used by my solo crash course.

Solo Ukulele für Einsteiger (free)

This huge free E-Book is available here at Ukulele Hunt. Beginner-friendly and quite easy, but you should know how to read tabs.

Weihnachten mit der Ukulele (free)

The free german christmas carols book for the whole family is available here. 20 popular christmas carols with notation, lyrics, solo tabs, and chords.

Musikalisches Naschwerk für Solo Ukulele (free)

A free e-book with 14 easy arrangements of German folk tunes.

Danserye mit der Ukulele, Teil 2: Ronden und Branlen (new!)

The second part of my solo arrangements of Tielman Susato’s Danserye is finally finished! The level of difficulty is similar to part 1.

Danserye mit der Ukulele, Teil 1: Basse danssen

This is the first part of my solo arrangements of Tielman Susato’s Danserye. This is renaissance dance music at its best! If you like early music, you should definitely check it out. The level of difficulty is intermediate.

Klassische Musik mit der Ukulele, Volume 2

My most sophisticated e-book so far! 25 classical pieces in 3 versions. There are solo arrangements, notation, tabs, chords, fret diagrams, some lyrics and performance notes. With this e-book, ukulele players of any level can enjoy the music.

Christmas Music with the Ukulele

A huge new e-book with English Christmas music. Made for all ukulele players, not only for solo artists! There are score, chords, lyrics and of course many solo arrangements as well. Check it out here!

Alte Musik mit der Ukulele

Not free of charge, but very economically priced. 20 solo arrangements of old music, mainly rennaissance and baroque. A compact tab booklet without bells and whistles, but good focus on the essence. Printable as small booklet with 16 pages. The level of difficulty is somewhat mixed, you’ll find anything from easy to hard. MP3 recordings of all arrangements are available too (and they’re really cheap).

Keltische Musik mit der Ukulele

11 new solo arrangements of old celtic tunes. Luxurious lilypond arrangements with fingerings and performance instructions. Intermediate level of difficulty.  MP3 recordings are available.

Klassische Musik mit der Ukulele

12 luxurious solo arrangements of popular classical pieces  for ukulele, with fingerings and performance instructions. Intermediate to advanced level of difficulty. MP3 recordings are available.