The Ukulele

The ukulele is a friendly little hawaiian stringed instrument which is becoming quite popular all over the world.


This is a Flea — a modern plastic ukulele with laminated top. A simple construction, but not cheap. Thanks to precise manufacturing and good quality control this is a well playable and clean sounding instrument with an amazingly strong tone.


On August 23 of the year 1879, the emigrant ship “Ravenscrag” arrived at Hawaii. Also on board was the Portugese Joaõ Fernandez. On arrival he was full of joy and played on his little four-stringed instrument, a braguinha. The Hawaiians were delighted by his performance and dubbed his instrument “ukulele”, which means “jumping flea”. Perhaps they were inspired by the view of his fingers jumping over the strings?

Anyway, the enthusiasm was sustainable: Soon the ukulele became the national instrument of Hawaii.