Ukelige Weihnachtslieder

You can download the e-book here.

Who didn’t make this experience? You want to motivate somebody to play ukulele — however even “simple” chords like G or D can be a challenge for absolute beginners. So I tried something to make it easier for them: An e-book of German Christmas carols with simplified chords.

These simplified chords may sound a bit unusual at the first glance. In the first 6 songs, the open G- and C- strings are used for a “drone”-like accompaniment sound. However, such drone sounds were not unusual in early music, for example. A bag pipe also often uses two drone pipes tuned as a fifth.

In the song “Süßer die Glocken nie klingen” I untroduce the Bbmaj7 chord as a replacement for Bb. Sounds a bit “trippy”, but also reminds me (a bit) of bells.