Keltische Musik mit der Ukulele

This PDF e-book contains 11 mostly celtic solo ukulele arrangements in re-entrant GCEA tuning (high G):

  1. The Harp That Once (Video)
  2. Son ar Chistr
  3. The Old Turf Fire
  4. Es war ein König in Thule (Video)
  5. Fanny Poer (Video)
  6. Kean O’Hara (Video)
  7. Planxty Burke (Video)
  8. Isabel Burke (Video)
  9. Eleanor Plunkett (Video)
  10. Si Bheag, Si Mhor (Video)
  11. Carolan’s Dream (Video)

Here you can check out an example arrangement from the e-book: PDF example for Keltische Musik mit der Ukulele

This is a german e-book, but it comes together with an english accompaniment booklet, which contains english translations, additional information and performance notes.

The e-book contains notation with fingerings and tablature. I consider the level of difficulty as intermediate (Please take a look at the PDF example!).

A set of MP3 recordings of all arrangements is available too. It is sold separately, because the download is relatively large.

(Please note that the MP3 and video recordings are not always 100% identical with the arrangements. However they always represent very well how the respective arrangement can be played with the ukulele.)