Se l’aura spira — Singing with Ukulele, together with Zacquine Miken

A famous renaissance song by Girolamo Frescobaldi. We’re using this E-Book.  

Ukraine is not yet lost

The national anthem of the Ukraine. May soon peace and freedom come back to the Ukraine. Here my sketch for this arrangement:  

Adrian Le Roy – Bransle de Poictou no. 4

This is the last video of my series with the Waltzing Mathilda ukulele. Again with Aquila HL gut strings.

Bransle de Champaigne

The next recording from this series! This time I’m using Aquila HL gut strings. The sound is amazing, however they are not very durable…  

Bransles de poictou 2 and 3

Some more Bransles de Poictou on the Waltzing Mathilda uke.

Almande Le pied de Cheval

I also played the Almande Le Pied de Cheval by Adrian Le Roy with Mathilda. Again with Aquila NNG Strings.

Gaillarde II on the Waltzing uke

Another Gaillarde by Guillaume Morlaye on the Waltzing uke. This time with synthetic Aquila NNG strings.

Early music with the waltzing uke

For a while, I was allowed to host Torsten’s Waltzing Mathilda uke at my home. It’s a very special instrument with a distinct suitability for early music! Mathilda seriously surprised me. Playing it was a challenge and very educational at the same time. The gut strings, that were put on it by Clemens, were quite…

Zu Bethlehem geboren

Again an old German Christmas Carol, again played with my Brüko No. 6.

Es wird schon gleich dunkel

Name in Austrian dialect: Es wird scho glei dumpa For this Christmas season I’m again going to publish a few recordings. Here the first one: An old Christmas carol, played with my Brüko No.6.

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