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Jesu, meine Freude

Originally a hymn by Johann Franck and Johann Crüger. I used the setting by Johann Sebastian Bach (BWV 227, chorale) for my arrangement for solo ukulele. Played with my Brüko No. 6 soprano ukulele. Merry Christmas!

Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern

A more than 400 years old hymn by Philipp Nicolai.

The Hymn of Joy

I simply wanted to play some uplifting music… What diminishes my joy a little bit is that I promptly received a copyright claim via content ID by Youtube. Which is of course ridiculous, since this melody was already used by Ludwig van Beethoven in his 9th symphony. I really have to rant a bit here……


It doesn’t always have to be a sophisticated arrangement… Gaudete is a wellknown Christmas carol from the 16. century.

Der Morgenstern ist aufgedrungen

A more than 400 years old German Christmas carol by Daniel Rumpius, played on my Brüko No. 6 soprano ukulele.

Tourdion with zither and ukulele

I recorded this video last summer with Zacquine. We decided now to publish it. I think ukulele and zither can work amazingly well together!

Se l’aura spira — Singing with Ukulele, together with Zacquine Miken

A famous renaissance song by Girolamo Frescobaldi. We’re using this E-Book.  

Ukraine is not yet lost

The national anthem of the Ukraine. May soon peace and freedom come back to the Ukraine. Here my sketch for this arrangement:  

Adrian Le Roy – Bransle de Poictou no. 4

This is the last video of my series with the Waltzing Mathilda ukulele. Again with Aquila HL gut strings.

Bransle de Champaigne

The next recording from this series! This time I’m using Aquila HL gut strings. The sound is amazing, however they are not very durable…  

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