Beginner’s Guide

With this guide I want to ease the life of all ukulele beginners.

Things to know for getting started

  • The Ukulele — A brief introduction.
  • Structure of the Ukulele — An overview image explaining the parts of the ukulele.
  • Ukulele Communities — Even before buying an instrument, you should  read over an ukulele forum, or even better: Attend an ukulele meeting. Usually, even as a newbie you’ll be welcome. You’ll get tons of helpful advice, and get to check out many ukuleles.
  • Buying Guide — Things to know for buying a new ukulele.

Common Ukology

Learning to Play

  • Posture –  A relaxed posture with good stability is an important precondition for fluent play.
  • Right Hand Technique — About the use of tips and nails. The right hand produces the sound, and is more important than premium woods or expensive strings.
  • How to Practice — Avoid practicing the wrong way! Better slow and precise than fast and tensed up.
  • Solo Crash Course — Playing the ukulele is easy!

Additional Contents