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Alle Jahre wieder

A Christmas Carol from my free German Christmas e-book.

Ukelige Weihnachtslieder

You can download the e-book here. Who didn’t make this experience? You want to motivate somebody to play ukulele — however even “simple” chords like G or D can be a challenge for absolute beginners. So I tried something to make it easier for them: An e-book of German Christmas carols with simplified chords. These…

Chaconne in A minor (Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer)

It took a while, but finally I managed to make a new recording. The challenge to make an ukulele arrangement for this piece had an overwhelming appeal to me! This is the Chaconne in A minor by Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer — originally a piece for piano or harpsichord. I played it with the excellent…

New e-book: Danserye mit der Ukulele, Part 2

Finally the 2nd part of my solo arrangements of Tielman Susato’s Danserye is finished: Danserye mit der Ukulele, Part 2: Rondes and Branles Here I’m playing the Ronde Mon Amy: Have fun with those new arrangements of old renaissance dance pieces!


Just had to play this wellknown old Russian tune:

Beginner’s Guide, Crash Course and E-Book

Here’s my little christmas present for the uke community: A huge beginner’s guide about the uke (sorry: German only, but I’m going translate it ASAP. In the meantime, the  Google translation may help a bit.) A solo crash course (German as well, here’s the Google translation) The crash course is based on my new free…

Kostenloses E-Book: Musikalisches Naschwerk für Solo Ukulele

Here you’ll find a little christmas present: Just a few little easy pieces — have fun ukin’! Merry Christmas!

The moon and Luna pineapple soprano

The moon. In the Background a few simple arpeggios on my Luna pineapple soprano.

Makapili is back!

Great News: Thomas Macomson is back to business! One of my best ukuleles is the Makapili soprano — built by Thomas Macomson. In the meantime he had to stop building ukuleles. But now the time of waiting is over, he’s back to business and building ukuleles again! If you want such a fantastic ukulele, NOW…

Grazioso — Arrangement by Liath Glas

I just found this nice and easy to play arrangement by Liath Glas. You can find a link to the tabs in the video description on Youtube.

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