The Hymn of Joy

I simply wanted to play some uplifting music…

What diminishes my joy a little bit is that I promptly received a copyright claim via content ID by Youtube. Which is of course ridiculous, since this melody was already used by Ludwig van Beethoven in his 9th symphony.

I really have to rant a bit here… I hate those Copyfrauders who abuse platforms like Youtube and Content ID by claiming copyright for music that is in the public domain. Most people are too lazy or too shy to dispute these claims, and it also doesn’t help that Youtube threatens with deletion of your account if your dispute gets rejected (for whatever reasons I cannot know). So many people playing such public domain music will not issue a dispute, whereby the Copyfrauders will receive income from advertisments which get shown to people who want to watch such videos.

This is not okay IMHO. It’s clear that these Copyfrauders have criminal energy and their actions should be punishable. They are making profit by stealing music from the whole of humanity. Makes me kinda angry.

Anyway… I still wish you all a wonderful time and Christmas season!